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BlueSpice 2.23

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BlueSpice 2.23 is the current stable BlueSpice version. Consult the Release Notes for the full list of changes. The 2.23.0 stable release was published on Tuesday, December 9th. Download the latest snapshot or checkout the REL1_23 branch in Git to follow this release.

Notable new features

  • Internationalisation: BlueSpice is translated by the community. As of now it is completely available in Chinese (simplified), English, French, German, Macedonian, Russian, Spanish, Svedish and Ukrainian. There are 40 more languages with partial translations.
  • Internationalization: Existing English and German localisation was completely revised and checked for consistency.
  • Performance: BlueSpice now supports memcached caching and uses caching for its extensions. Expect a considerable performance increase.
  • Skinning: BlueSpice skin has been completely rewritten. It is now easier extensible and maintainable.
  • Skinning: There is a vector skin implementation for BlueSpice.
  • Skinning: User and BlueSpice preferences have been completely redesigned for better usability.
  • Skinning: Added MobileFronted extension for better mobile support (MW 1.23+)
  • Installation: An integrated package installer for MediaWiki and BlueSpice was added. Now you can set up MediaWiki and BlueSpice in one go.
  • Administration: Support for editing and deleting multiple items in most managers has been added.
  • Administration: PermissionManager was completely rewritten. It is now faster and way easier to use, e.g. with fullscreen mode and quick switch between groups.
  • Usability: In InsertFile dialogue, files can be found by their category.
  • ExtendedSearch: Opensearch is now supported. Search BlueSpice from your browser's searchbox.
  • ExtendedSearch: Precision has been improved by boosting content namespaces in scoring
  • Context menu: A right click menu has been added to links in the content area that leads you directly to the page's actions.