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BlueSpice 2.23.3

BlueSpice 2.23.3 is a minor and maintenance version. Consult the Release Notes for the full list of changes. The 2.23.3 beta release was published on Tuesday, 10th May 2016. Download the release from Sourceforge.

Notable new features[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]

BlueSpice API: There is now a standardized API for many BlueSpice actions.
bs feature api.png
Compatibility: BlueSpice can now be used with MediaWiki 1.27.
bs feature mediawiki.png
ContextMenu: The extension is now enabled by default.
bs feature context.png
Dashboards: There is a wiki page portlet, which allows you to use any wiki page as a dashboard item.
bs feature dashboard.png

ExtendedSearch: Introduces facet operators, which indicated whether multiple selections in a facet should be combined using AND or OR logic.

bs feature search.png

ExtendedSearch: It is possible to open articles in the autocomplete list in new windows or tabs.

bs feature search open.png

Flexiskin: It is now possible to disable the background image.

bs feature flexiskin.png

GroupManager: Raised group name character limit to 255 (was 16).

bs feature groupmanager.png

InsertMagic: Tag descriptions are now much more descriptive.

bs feature magic.png

PermissionManager: Add hint flyout for every right.

bs feature permissionmanager.png

Upload: XML and SVG files can now be uploaded by default.

bs feature upload.png

UserMerge: Added extension to Distribution. Merge two users into one.

bs feature merge.png

UserSidebar: There is now a "global actions" navigation tab for every user.

bs feature global.png

VisualEditor: Set default style for table to contenttable. This makes much nicer tables.

bs feature tables.png